Sarah’s Natural Hair Journey

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Hi Ladies!

Let’s jump right into it...

So, I’ve been natural since the summer of 2015, that’s 3 years that let’s be real -  feels more like 3 decades! I started out like I’m sure a lot of you, with the goal being to attain longer, and thicker hair. My hair was horribly damaged due to many years of relaxers, dyes, and way too tight pony tails! Oh and of course the harsh go to products of the 90’s (pump it up, ampro style gel..) ring any bells?!
After running my poor hair down to it’s dead end (pun intended), I finally decided to do the BIG CHOP.

Now, I refuse to lie to you, I HATED it at first. All my life I equated long hair with beautiful hair - so going as drastically short as I did was a hard pill to swallow.
Needless to say I researched, and researched, AND RESEARCHED! Frantically attempting to find any and all “instant growth” solutions. YouTube was my right hand man. I tried everything from oil rinses, hair supplements, box braids and countless other methods in hopes that it would accelerate growth. Eventually, after much let down and frustration, I began to just go with the flow.

Experimenting with different styles, and products, I started to realize on my own what worked for my hair and what didn’t. Just some good ole fashioned 'trial and error!' That is something no YouTube channel or tutorial can teach you. So ladies, my advice to you is to play around with a few products and see what works best for your hair! Try gels for a week, and then maybe switch to creams/ puddings. Do you like firm hold or loose curls? Twist outs or are you a wash and go girl like me?!

Whatever you decide it’s your hair and your choice! You don’t have to conform to any “natural hair guidelines”. Just love the hair you were born with, treat it well, moisturize, deep condition (also leave ins will be your best friend!), and most of all be patient with it! Flowers bloom when they are watered and cared for! Beautiful things take time!❤️

Thanks for reading loves. Hope this helped.

-Sarah Elizabeth

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