5 Steps To Becoming Extra

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HQ is your closet, and this is where the weapons to slay will be stored. So let’s take a look at what we have to start with. Ask yourself do you have everything you need to go from brunch to movie night? Some people are missing that one thing that just makes a statement when you enter the room. It could be a fancy bag, beautiful print, or some really nice accessories that make all the difference. On the contrary, you could have extravagant pieces, but no solid colors to pair it with. Make sure to consider these items when stepping out! If you’re thinking jeans, consider switching them out for a floor length skirt. Maybe you were going to wear a cardigan for your evening activities, but flex that jazzy bomber instead. With minor adjustments your closet can be an endless supply of EXTRA! Onwards to STEP 2.

Shop like a crow! This means if it’s shiny, metallic, or sequins you may need to invest (especially if it comes from Arrived Fashion Boutique). It also means anything that catches your eye on the rack, has potential to turn heads off the rack. Aim to be on everyone’s radar! Remember we want to be EXTRA, but not over-the-top! So you may only need to buy 2 of these extravagant pieces. You may already own some pieces, but just don’t know how or when to rock it. Help has arrived in STEP 3.

Less is actually more when it comes to being extra! So what we’re not going to do is match the lime pants with the sequins bomber, and the leopard hat. That’s just crazy! We’re going to pick 1 or 2 items that we want to display, and then build the outfit around them. For this we must go back to our Crayola box.

The color palette is VITAL to building the outfit, so the items you want to display have to be somehow related. Your outfit can be monochromatic (meaning the same color in different shades), or you can choose a creative path. Take a look at the color wheel and find the complementary and primary colors. If colors are neighbors on the color wheel, the outfit will be visually appealing. For instance, red & orange, blue & green, or orange & yellow work well together, but beware it’s easy to overkill. Blue vs. orange, red vs. green, yellow vs. purple, and so forth will make the outfit a visual spectacle! This means you will literally become a piece of art! Now let’s move on to STEP 4.

Well you don’t take a knife to a gun fight, and you also don’t wear heels to a football field. We should make sure what we’re wearing can be appropriately extra, but simultaneously comfortable. Take into consideration the environment, before you pull out the big guns. Will there be cobblestone, muddy grounds, or grass? Should you bring a backup pair of flats? Sometimes it’s best to hold back the fancy items until there’s a better time to wear them. For example, wearing fur in the rain isn’t ideal, so switch over to a nice trench coat for an equally classy effect. Time for the finale at STEP 5.

Remember your outfit should be making the statement. Stay humble until your extra is acknowledged. This is a balancing act…. there is no need to flaunt until you hear your girl say “yassssssssss!!!!” ……. Okay, now that’s your que to twirl and hit the Naomi Campbell walk! Now you’ve graduated to extra make sure to share your outfit slays with #arrivedfashionboutique on Instagram!


By: Alice Briscoe

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